Letter from D…

About me: I am a writer, artist, and teacher, although not necessarily in that order. I am a self-taught artist in the abstract expressionist style. I have degrees in Social Science, German, and Special Education. I have a 17 year old son with special needs (he lives with his mother) and have no time for head games. I was burned once on CL before but decided to post my own ad—Dum spero speri (Where there’s breath, there’s Hope). A good friend of mine from undergrad recently wrote me and said: 
What do I find attractive about you? 

1. I like your intelligence…most people are just too stupid for me to tolerate. You hold up your end of the conversation. You read interesting books! 

2. I like your twisted sense of humor. I laugh nearly every time we talk. I’m pretty bitter so it takes a special person to make me lighten up. 

3. I like your strong sense of self. You aren’t intimidated by me enough to let it interfere with our friendship. 

4. I like your honesty. You usually respond to a direct question with a direct and complete answer – even if it’s not a comfortable topic. 

5. I like your artistic outlook on life. You take painful subjects and turn them into creativity. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you (finally) try to put some of the positive emotions on to the canvas. 

6. I like the fact that you are basically an optimist- but realistic enough to not be annoyingly cheerful. 

7. I like how you argue your point, but once you’ve said your piece you let it go – even if I don’t agree with you. 

8. I like your generosity. You’ve always shared your art, books, opinions, music, etc with me. 

9. I like the fact that you are easy to train…usually you’ll do what I tell you to do when you want to play. You take compliments and criticism well. 

10. I like your gentleness. Some people get defensive and their instincts for self-preservation in response to my acerbic words. You never confuse my mouth with my heart. 

11. I like the pretentious titles you give to your artwork. 
So, if you have read this far, thank you for your indulgence. My cats are named Nietzsche and Kafka, if that gives you any clue as to where my head is at…If you want companionship, I am there…I am coming out of a 20 year relationship—it has been almost two years since l have been close to a woman (in any sort of way). Tried Craigslist once, got burned..willing to give it another shot, however. At least we could be friends, if there is no primal connection…Let me know your thoughts. 

Honest Regards,